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Israel will decide not to send delegation to Cairo for negotiations, official says


An authoritative source reports that Israel chose not to send a delegation to Cairo to participate in negotiations involving a possible ceasefire agreement and the release of hostages in Gaza. This decision came to light on March 3, 2024.

Context of the negotiations

The negotiations were planned with the aim of reaching a ceasefire agreement and the release of hostages held in Gaza. Cairo, the capital of Egypt, was chosen as the location for the meeting. Hamas' refusal The Israeli official, who asked not to be identified, said the decision was taken due to Hamas' lack of response to two important Israeli demands. The first of these demands was a complete list of hostages, specifying which are alive and which are dead. The second demand was a confirmation of the proportion of Palestinian prisoners who would be released from Israeli prisons in exchange for the hostages. Israel's decision Given Hamas' lack of response, Israel decided not to send a delegation to the negotiations.

This decision was taken by Israeli

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in coordination with Mossad Director David Barnea, who has been an important Israeli negotiator. Hamas response A senior Hamas official did not immediately respond when asked by CNN whether the militant group had responded to Israel's demands. Netanyahu's Statement In a speech made the previous Thursday (29), Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outlined the terms of Israel's demands. He stated: "I demand to know in advance the names of all hostages who will be included in the draft. I have not yet received an answer on both questions and it is too early to say, despite our wishes, whether we will get a draft for an additional release in the coming days." US remarks Israel's decision not to send a delegation to Cairo came just one day after a senior official in US President Joe Biden's administration told journalists that Israel had "basically accepted" a ceasefire proposal six weeks. Arrival of the Hamas delegation in Cairo However, on the same day that Israel chose not to send its delegation, a Hamas delegation arrived in Cairo, as reported by a senior Hamas source to CNN. Information sharing This development was widely shared on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, by various news sources.


This current scenario of negotiations between Israel and Hamas demonstrates the complexities and challenges involved in seeking a lasting ceasefire and the release of hostages. Israel's decision not to send a delegation to the Cairo talks is significant and could have important implications for the progress of future negotiations.

Remembering that we do not support any type of war.

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