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About Us

​Discover the Latest News with Luiz News.

Welcome to Luiz News, your trusted news portal, born directly from Pernambuco and led by the dedicated Luiz. We are committed to bringing you relevant, objective and up-to-date information to keep you well informed.


With a team passionate about journalism, Luiz News covers a variety of topics, from local news to global events, providing a comprehensive experience for readers. Navigate through our intuitive platform and immerse yourself in the news that impacts Brazil and beyond.


Trust Luiz News to deliver impartial reporting, in-depth analysis and exclusive interviews. We are committed to maintaining journalistic integrity and providing you with a clear view of the events shaping the world around you.


Stay connected, updated and informed with Luiz News - your trusted news portal originating in Pernambuco, bringing the best of journalism to your screen.



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